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Careers and Job Postings as of 2-14-23

We are currently accepting applications for the following positions below. If you see something you like, click the button below to apply! 

Customer Relationship Developer I & II, 

0 - 3 years experience, Part and Full Time, we'll train on the job for qualified candidates

Hiring at Spirited Cyclist Davidson/Huntersville, and First Flight Bikes

First Flight Bicycles | Spirited Cyclist Bike Shop

This person is responsible for cultivating the community into bike culture. If cycling is a lifelong adventure, this person lives it and wants everyone to be a part of it, whether it be on the road, trail, or bike path. When Spacex gets our colony going on the moon we’ll ride there too.

Responsibilities include,

  1. Maintain positive influence in the store and be game ready on and off the floor
  2. Identify and address safety/risks inside and outside the store for customers and staff
  3. Be involved with new product education
  4. Be a champion of the sales process
  5. Identify opportunities for customers to ride their bikes more!
  6. Maintain customer database and leads
  7. Engage the broader public through various channels
  8. Stoke the stoke, you knew the new new before others know!

Ideal talent pool,

  1. Defines, clarifies, gets information, criticizes and tests
  2. Conscientious and steady
  3. Accurate and intuitive
  4. Builds good relationships
  5. Dependable team player
  6. Builds confidence in others
  7. Good listener
  8. Patient and empathetic

Service Tech I & II,

0-5 Years experience,  Part and Full Time, we'll train on the job for qualified candidates

Hiring at First Flight Bikes, Spirited Cyclist Huntersville and Davidson

First Flight Bicycles | Spirited Cyclist Bike Shop

This person is responsible for the ‘game on’ environment which gives our sales leads success. They train, practice, and give everything they have to the success of the team. Their attention to detail is second to none and commitment to quality unwavering.

Responsibilities Include,

1. Focus on detailed and in-depth repairs 

2. Complete scheduled daily work load 

3. Assist with inventory and stocking needs in service department

4. Maintain quality standards in service department

5. Willingness to learn

Ideal Talent Pool,

1. Consistent and steady

2. Maintains standards

3. Concern for quality work

4. Adaptable

5. Dependable team player

Service Writer

3 years+ of proven Service & Sales Success

We currently have openings at Spirited Cyclist Huntersville and Davidson locations.

First Flight Bicycles | Spirited Cyclist Bike Shop

A service writer is in a unique position to create opportunities on the sales and service floors. This person has an eye for detail and speaks a language which fires the imagination of riders and at the same time gets done the task at hand.

Responsibilities Include,

1. Face of the service department for customers and sales staff

2. Develop and maintain relationships with customers using proven tools

3. Manage appointments, scheduling, and estimates

4. Manage daily scheduled repair for service staff

5. Assist with service parts inventory management

6. Field service inquiries, phone calls, and emails

7. Perform repairs as necessary

Ideal Talent Pool,

1. Creative in problem solving

2. Maintains standards

3. Accurate and intuitive

4. Excellent troubleshooter

5. Dependable team player

6. Good listener

7. Deadline conscious

Service Lead

3+ Years Prior Experience inclusive of Wheel Building, Electronic Drivetrains, and the secret number to SRAM and Shimano for the new piece of hardware coming out next year

We currently have openings at and Spirited Huntersville and Davidson

Spirited Cyclist Bike Shop

Showing a mastery and respect for the evolution of the bicycle, our Service Lead makes a bicycle relevant to the rider. Customer facing, they know how to talk bike. The service lead will make it current when it needs to be, or preserved when it has to be.

Service Manager

5 years+ of measurable department success

First Flight Bicycles

We typically promote from within for this position but if you think you are a good fit, apply today. We do have a need in Statesville's First Flight.

If there’s a right way to do it you’ve proven it. You know a healthy service department only exists with a healthy store and when it’s community supported. Yes, and with you the buck stops here.

If asked if you are a task person or a people person, you'd say "person", but because you also appreciate the value of processes and how they serve the end goal of customer satisfaction and quality. 

Sales Manager

5 years+ of measurable department success

We currently have an opening at First Flight Bicycles and Spirited Cyclist Davidson.

First Flight Bicycles | Spirited Cyclist Bike Shop

This person is responsible for the ‘game on’ environment which gives our sales leads success. They train, practice, and give everything they have to the success of the team. They are the example we aspire to with an impervious positive attitude and know how to move people.

Responsibilities include,

  1. Awareness of customer lists and buying habits.
  2. Customer retention and attraction opportunities in engaging the public.
  3. Maintaining alignment with our sales process and engaging staff.
  4. Achieving metrics as set by the store.
  5. Ensure sales floor is show ready.

Store Manager

5 years+ of proven people management

We currently have an opening at First Flight Bicycles.

First Flight Bicycles

Ever heard of herding cats? Yep, that’s you. You’re the master. Otherwise captain my captain you have an eye for the success of individuals and what makes all of us be better. If there’s continuous improvement, you’re constantly seeking the better way. Sure, we’ve always done it that way before, but how do we do it better?

Are you seeking an opportunity to be part of a team?  A team of like minded energetic vibrant professionals and enthusiasts?  

Are you interested in delivering the best possible experience to the team and the customers coming to you for your expert advice?

Does being a part of a community that thrives and embraces outdoor lifestyle?

You are RIDING down the right path!

Our Shops are looking for leaders who will unify our cycling community and cycling wanderers with our unique experienced staff.  Help us grow cycling in our community and beyond.

Ideal Talent Pool:

Honesty and Genuiness 

Builds Confidence In Others: Get People RIDING and Keep People RIDING.

Work with people to facilitate a positive productive work environment.

People Agitator

Demo/Activation Manager

5 years+ Event Management and Cultivation

We typically promote from within for this position but if you think you are a good fit, apply today.

You’re the prodigy, the Firestarter. If there’s a beat, it’s the cadence of a chainwheel that moves you and the connection others have to something new. It’s connecting new riders to their new ride and connecting veteran riders to a new way of riding. 

Marketing Liaison(s)

You may have said it yourself, “I didn’t expect to buy [that thing] when I came in the store”. Right, that’s where you come in. How many times have you seen a bicycle in a commercial, an ad at the airport, in a movie? It didn’t get there by accident – that’s where you come in to create the motivation for someone to seek out their change in lifestyle.

Community Outreach and Advocacy

Job Description 

This person knows everyone can learn to ride a bike which makes everyone in the community a chance to be part of the bike culture.

Inventory Manager

5 years+ Experience in Supply Chain

Opportunity available in our Davidson NC warehouse location

Spirited Cyclist Bike Shop

Call it the pump, the heart, or whatever it is that makes stuff move where it needs to go and come from places afar. This person has consciousness for what exists in all of the stores and works with the Merchandiser and Buyer to ensure the product is current and moving.

The position is mobile across all stores with the home base at our Davidson NC warehouse. The candidate should already have a working knowledge of receiving and purchase analysis as well as process knowledge of the health of inventory.

Assembly - Bike Builder

Our bike builders get it, they are the linchpin to the success and safety of our riders. Without their eye to detail, we would be a parts & accessories company.

This position is open at our warehouse in Davidson and is a train on the job position.


Job Description 

We have all the right stuff for a rider to get out on the road or trail, but unfortunately it’s in the wrong spot. That’s where you are our problem solver, our save-the-day-er, and ultimately the actual road warrior. We supply the vehicle, you supply the ninja outfit.


Job Description 

We can’t have all the stuff without someone to order it. You work best in a team with our inventory and marketing departments.


Job Description 

Some call it OCD but you call it normal. That’s just the way it is, things have their place. You’re not afraid to try something new and appreciate the science of making people move.


Job Description 

Living in the past – it’s the way we’ve always done it. A traditionalist at heart and a champion of workflow and logic. There’s just something about analyzing things and drawing on relationships within data to tell a story.

Human Resources Manager

Job Description 

Here’s our people person. Able to get the policies and benefits to help move our people in one direction.