Meet The Spirited Team



You’ll find James behind the scenes making sure the shops are filled to the gills with the right gear. Outside of those activities you’ll find him on Highway 115 commuting to and from work on a road bike or e-bike. Recent years have found James most recently on the western mountaintops of Northstar Tahoe and Whistler, and points East in Mountain Creek, Thunder, Bailey, and Beech with a wheel pointed downhill and every terrain in between. The last race completed was an E-bike MTB race at the base of Northstar with famed Troy Lee and 30+ others.  

James’ bicycling perspective is insanity is doing the same thing again and expecting different results. It doesn’t matter how you ride a bike since your ride will never be the same as the last. Riding a bike wherever you are is the sanest thing you can do. So, you’ll see James on a bike, somewhere, anywhere.


Will, along with his wife, dog, and two cats, moved to Huntersville in 2015 to be closer to family and mountains. Prior to North Carolina, he worked at The Bicycle Shop in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

He enjoys cyclocross and road riding as well as exploring the local mountain bike trails. When not riding or helping customers find the right bike, he enjoys being outside or watching college football - Geaux Tigers!


Did someone say mountain biking, in the woods, with all kinds of gnarly roots, rocks, and jumps? You must have overheard Derrick talking about one of his recent rides. 

Derrick is a mountain biker to the core. He moved to the area to join our team and get closer to the mountains of North Carolina and all the great trails they have to offer.  

He comes to us as an experienced mechanic who can overhaul your bike top to bottom. Want to talk about suspension set up/ service, custom bike builds, or maybe you just need a trail recommendation and a good conversation. Stop by the Huntersville shop and say hi!


Mitchell is a bearded wonder mechanic for the shop. He comes from a “blink and you miss it” small town in between Winston Salem, NC and Mount Airy, NC. He is currently a student at UNCC for Mechanical Engineering Technology and plans on graduating in 2020. 

His passion revolves around everything bikes! If he is not in school, he is normally at the shop working or hitting up the trails! You can’t miss him on the trails either with his beard blowing in the wind, or with his brightly colored Stumpjumper, the Yellow Blur. 

John (Mailbox)

John Muhlbach (aka Mailbox) has lived in Huntersville and surrounding areas since 1999. After a quick stint of riding and wrenching in Charlotte, he made the move back to his roots and joined the Spirited team in March of 2018. 

John enjoys quiet walks on the beach, heavy metal music, flowy trail, riding fixed gear bicycles where they're not meant to be ridden, and open roads.


After using training wheels for one day at age 4, Matt has been jumping, scuffing, grinding, and flying on (and off) two wheels. He rides and fixes all sorts of cycling disciplines and has an obsession with figuring out how things work. 

Matt has worked in the banking world, is an experienced outdoor guide, and if he isn't riding his '79 Puch to get groceries, he builds cars and custom wood furniture in his "down time". If you have any questions pertaining to BMX, vintage bikes, bike-packing/touring, how to use rollers or what to look for in a fixed gear, Matt is your man!


“Riding my bike makes me feel like a kid again, and that’s why I ride.”  Cathy enjoys road and mountain biking for recreation which happily equates to physical fitness.  

She also enjoys her neighborhood runs and hikes just to be out and moving.  Cathy has a history of involvement with the Dirt Divas, Charlotte’s nonprofit woman’s mountain bike club and the Tarheel Trailblazers, the local volunteer based trail building club.  

Former employment included years of business to business sales and she intends to use those skills to form long term community cycling outreach opportunities for Spirited Cyclist.




LaJuan (pronounced sort of like la-wan) comes from a small town outside Winston Salem, NC. Just an hour roughly from Charlotte where she now resides. She happily lives with her boyfriend, their bikes, their longboards, and her cat. 

When she’s not being “artsy” or working on creative marketing ventures for the shops' individual brands, then she’s out riding her beloved Camber, AKA the Sparkly Green Beast Machine. Feel free to stop in and say hi or meet her on the trails! 


Lover of bikes, people, and strollers that have crumbs.



John has spent time on bikes most of his life. Growing up in a rural farm area, that was the best way for John to get around since he didn't want to take a horse everywhere. In his youngest of years, John recalls an older neighbor trying to ride him to the local store via sitting on the handlebars. John cut the trip short by sticking his left foot thru the spokes causing the bike to flip. That was a long night in the hospital and the scars still show today. 

After moving to Davidson with his wife in 2007 John stepped back into the cycling scene via way of the YMCA spin class. That soon evolved into road biking which seemed like the thing to do in Davidson. His wife Jennifer followed shortly thereafter and both of them are very active in the local cycling community today. 

John enjoys riding all bikes but spends most of his time on a road bike or a triathlon bike. You can find him on the weekly club rides usually toward the back of the pack assisting new riders. If for some reason you don't see him there, you might look at a local triathlon or an Ironman event. There's a good chance he is out there racing or cheering for fellow triathletes. 

 In his opinion, the cycling community will cease to grow if experienced riders fail to give back, and help newbies. John stresses that intimidation should not be the reason for someone to not want to ride a bike. 

 John is one of our "weekend warriors" here at the shop. He is also very knowledgeable in bike fitting and has helped many local cyclists find their comfort zone on their bikes. He also volunteers his time to help with local cycling safety events for children and bike to school days.


Josh moved to the Charlotte area in 1995 to attend UNCC and stayed in the area after graduating.  He was a cross country and track runner in high school and college so fitness has always been a passion.  He started cycling in 2012 as a way to get fit and lose some weight. 

After mountain biking for 2 years, he got his first road bike. He was addicted. He enjoys everything from crit racing to the longer and challenging distance events like 6 gap, Tour de Mountains, and the Asheville Fondo.  He has a passion for road cycling and LOVES to climb.  He also enjoys cooking, playing the guitar, and tinkering with electronics.  

He joined the Spirited Cyclist team in 2017 and really enjoys sharing his passion for all things “bike.” 


One Sunday afternoon Katie’s dad walked her across the street to the park and took the training wheels off her bike. He gave her a good push, yelled from a distance that he was still holding on and as she turned around to make sure, tipped over. 

Fast forward to college where she depended on a bike to get around campus. She attended the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and post-graduation, published her first children’s picture book. She also signed up for her first triathlon and was hooked. She is passionate about writing and riding and moved from Wisconsin in search of better weather and bigger adventures. Whether you’re looking to get in contact with someone about marketing and upcoming events with the Spirited Cyclist or could use some advice on women’s saddles, she’s your girl! 


Alex got a late start when his dad finally took off his training wheels and pushed him
down the neighborhood hill at age 8. As soon as he got a taste for two wheels he couldn’t get
enough. Between jumping plastic ramps as far apart as he could put them or skidding holes
in his back tire, Alex always had a thirst for bikes. 

Fast forward a few years to riding his first
mountain bike trail and there was no going back. If it has two wheels and involves roots, rocks,
elevation, and jumps, count him in.
Alex recently moved back to Huntersville after spending 2 years wrenching and
beginning to appreciate his road bike in Louisiana. However, a longing for the Western North Carolina mountains brought him home.

You can find Alex wrenching at the Davidson shop or out west exploring new trail in Pisgah or Dupont. If you see him in the shop feel free to call him by any of his various names; Andrew, Nicholas, Tim, Kyle, and last but certainly not least Günther.