Park Tool Pizza Cutter

We asked John, “What do you get the cyclist who already has everything?” His response? "A freakin’ bicycle pizza cutta and a bottle of bubbly! And don’t forget the most important part, BEER!"

TIFOSI Swank Series Sunglasses

Just ask Will and he'll tell you that the future is bright....and you need these sunglasses! They come in a variety of great colors, are lightweight, shatterproof, have a no-slip fit, and provide 100% UV protection.

Power Arc Pro

Bottoms up! We asked Matt what he rides and what he recommends when it comes to saddles. "The Power Arc Pro is about fit and function—be kind and love your behind."

DeFeet Festive Woolie Boolie Socks

Stuff your feet into some socks and some socks into your stockings! Whether it’s riding a bike or lounging around the house, LaJuan reminds you to keep those toesies warm this winter! 

Downhill Gear

RAWRRRRR! Derrick’s pick for the holidays is all the gear you need to shred the gnar: full face helmet, goggles, gloves, and an all purpose Specialized mountain bike jersey. Stay safe, look good, and ride hard!

Supacaz Glow in the Dark Grips

Do these grips really glow in the dark? See for yourself, because Alex has a set right here in his hands! These Supacaz glow in the dark grips are perfect for those who enjoy night riding.