Challenge Tires Grifo Team 33 Tubular

Challenge Tires Grifo Team 33 Tubular
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Challenge's Grifo Team 33 Tubular excels in snow, mud, grass and firm dirt thanks to a tread with excellent pedaling, cornering and braking traction. The Grifo also has a puncture-resistant layer beneath the tread. And, it's built on their light and supple 320tpi hand-made SuperPoly casing with polyester-reinforced sidewalls for excellent durability. The integrated latex tubes are lighter, thinner, and more flexible than butyl tubes, increasing your comfort, lowering rolling resistance, and helping to prevent flats.

Tubular tires are compatible with tubular rims and are installed with glue or a special adhesive tape. Tubular tires will not work on clincher rims (the standard rim type). If you have any questions about compatibility or mounting, please contact us for details.

Part Numbers

08855627107098 10709 18863